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If you want to learn how to protect yourself against the following diseases, read this post. For information on the diseases that can be spread by insects, see this post. Do you think you might be at risk for eating an infected insect? If you have been diagnosed with Lyme disease, you will need to check the contents of the insect box on your menu, and avoid insects of any kind. If you don't want to eat insects, please check your own food labels, and check the expiration dates of any insects you eat, and check the products that you are allergic to for possible insect-based ingredients. If you have a tick bite that doesn't go away, don't use pesticides against it. Some treatments may not do anything, and some may even increase the severity of the bite. For more information on ticks, see this post. Where did you get your ticks? Are they an invasive species? You'll need to find out what the ticks have done to you, and how to treat them. Learn more about ticks in the list of common diseases at the bottom of this post. What happens to the ticks when you die? This is another common question.

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